The un-handyman of space


They say, if a mistake doesnít kill you, then you grow stronger from it.

Magnify that a million times in space and you have to imagine weíre pretty strong here.

Sure, I jettisoned the space ark when I did the trash, leaving us two weeks worth of air for a trip to the next supply depot that takes two months.

But weíre not dead yet, are we?

Okay, I thought maybe I could get some of the air canister back and lost our space hoper, which we might have used to extend our air by living in it.

But weíre still not dead.

Sure, I figured I might make a grab for the pod with the work arm and over shot, causing a short in the system that drained 90 percent of our power.

That didnít kill us either, though I do agree the temperature here is a bit on the chilly side and getting colder.

I do admit I mess up with the food when I tried to warm thing up a big in here with the microwave and accidentally burned up our supply of pates.

But letís face it, if we only have air for two weeks, and power enough to keep up from freezing for one week, a yearís supply of food paste isnít going go do us much good anyway.

Besides,† we might stretch a dayís worth of pate to a week, maybe even two, and not feel too hungry by the time the power expires or the air gives out.

And if we donít have much food, air or power, we certainly donít need the radar unit or care if we are lost in uncharted space Ė do we?

Okay, I admit breaking the radio might be a serious blunder because we might have called someone to come rescue us.

Yet try and look on the bright side.

What else could go wrong?


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