Sympathy for a devil


So why come crying to me?

Am I supposed to feel sorry for you because your boyfriend Ė who you stole from me Ė is cheating on you with somebody else?

My mother once told me what comes around goes around, and now itís come around to you.

Now you know how I felt when I saw you kissing him in front of the library.

I wanted to kill you both right then and there.

My best friend with my boyfriend.

I blamed you for luring him away.

I wanted to hurt you as much as you hurt me.

Thatís why I introduce him to her, knowing this would happen.


No way!

You got what you deserve.

Why donít you go home and stick your head under a faucet?

Itíll make you feel better.

I thought I once wanted you to stick your head in an oven the way I once tried.

But thatís too good for you.

That would only ease the pain.

I want you to suffer.

Like I did.


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