Two tickets


I donít now what to tell you.

But this is not a good place to be right now.

Not for Jews anyway.

Iím scared for both of us

Especially with everything thing theyíve taken from us already

But Iíve heard talk about worse things.

Camps and ghettos out east.

Maybe itís just talk.

Maybe theyíre just trying to scare people like us,

Communists, Jews, gypsies and such.

Well, itís worked, Iím scared.

I know your people have been through things like this before and survived.

But this is different.

I feel it in my bones.

We need to get out while we still can.


I thought about that and since America wonít take us and Palestine is closed, Iíve managed to get us two tickets to England.

I had to get someone to promise me a job first, and in these times, that was tough, but I did it.

We have to go now before itís too late.

I know you donít want to go without your parents.

I donít want to leave mine behind either.

But we only have two tickets and if we donít take them, weíll get stuck here, too.

Maybe it isnít fair. Maybe they wonít understand. Maybe theyíre as scared as we are and canít believe things will get worse then they already are.

Iím hoping theyíll understand that if we have a chance to get out, we have to take it.

Please, come with me. I donít want to leave you.

But if I have to go alone, I will.

Even if I regret it for the rest of my life.


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