The trouble with Jason


To tell you the truth, Darcy, Iím not surprised.

Jason was over the edge when I still hung out with you guys.

I knew sooner or later he would murder somebody and how he has.

I didnít mind the robbery.

I still steal sometimes when things get tough.

But the beatings scared me.

You could see how much Jason enjoyed it just from the look on his face.

And with you and Hollis cheering him on, it was more than I could take.

Thatís the real reason I stopped coming around.

Sooner or later it had to lead to this.

The last thing I need is to get my self hanged for something I didnít do.

You want me to help him?


Breaking him out of jail is another way to get myself in his boat.

You want to spring him, you spring him, leave me out of it.

And for godís sake, shoot him in the head once you do.

Or I will.


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