Call Martin


ďCall Martin,Ē the note says.

I have to read it three times to make sure it really says what it says.

Martin who?

The only Martin I know died two weeks ago in an auto accident up the coast.

Okay, so the circumstances are suspicions enough to have the police investigate foul play.

But this note borders on the occult.

And I turn the note over and over searching all sides for clues as to who send it.

But it only an old office memo.

It takes me another minute to realize it came from Martinís office

And I get scared.

What next?

A phone call from the great beyond?
Maybe the police lied to me and never did close the investigation like they said.

Maybe they know the truth and are using this note to trap me.

I glance out the front door expecting to see a Swat team there.

It is time to pack my bags and get out of town.

Someone knows the truth.

It canít me Martin. Heís dead.

I know that for a fact because Iím the one who killed him.





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