Worlds End


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We labor each day to make our daily bread

Sweating and slaving until we are dead

Hoisting the baggage of our long, long lives

Hoping we can make enough so we can survive


But what would you do if the world came to an end,

The earth beneath feet suddenly rend

If you owned the world what could you do?

To heal what is wounded inside you?


No dangers to report just snatches lingering disaster 

No moonlight just ferry engines churning faster

As alien voices bellow with echoes of pain

And blood thirsty humanity suddenly starts to maim


What do you do when the world comes to an end?

Do you grab your love to your call your friend?

If you were master of the whole wide world

Would you hide behind flags unfurled?


Where are you now? Why canít you call back?

Why canít I see you? Are we under attack?

To whom do we pray when the gods strike us down?

Curses in bolts ripping through our thin gowns?


What do we do when the world starts to end?

Is there anything that we might wish to defend?

I stand on this shore with my hands in the air

Waiting for the thunder in lightning heavy air.



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