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The girl clutched her cat as the flood waters rose

As people in uniforms said she must let it go

Where will it sleep? How will it eat?

She asked as foul water flowed to her feet.


New Orleans was a death trap with jaws slowly closing

No room for pets when people could barely take clothing.


We use to escape A-bombs by hiding under our desks

Seeing Soviet missles turning our cities to wrecks

Bombs dropping out of the blue, blue sky;

Aimed by clutches of cowardly spies


Now we fear terrorists who come at us with planes,

Shaping dust clouds out of people and leaving buildings in flames


But no weatherman gave us bombs or planes in our forecast,

To explain failing dikes or storm-rattled masts.

People stared out into the distant waves of that vast gulf

Watching as mother nature gathered her dastardly bulk.


The jaws of doom closing in on that cityís great past

As potent as terrorists or a nuclear blast


With images of New Orleans rippling in us so clear

Just who is it this time we are expected to fear?

The soviets with their missles aimed at our kind?

The terorists with air planes killing all they can find?

Or those who protect us when they find the time?


And in her arms the girl held her cat

Told she would find it again when she got back

Ever so slowly her fingersí grip eased

And let the cat loose and into the reeds

And as she pondered her poor petís fate

The President in Texas was feeding his dog steak.



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