Breathe deep


You stare down from the roof top

And breathe deep

No hurt so worth the debate

Whether or not to leap

Always the same lies

Misconception, mistaken beliefs

Breathe deep before you leap

You think,

Clinging to the roof

With cracking fingernails

Nothing else left to save you

Certainly not this man

Breathe deep, then leap,

Breathe as deep as the blade went

As the midnight texts did,

As deep as the betrayal of trust

Down into the abyss you stare

Wonder if the answer is there

Breathe deep, donít think,

About why he did what he did

Or why

Some mysteries are beyond comprehension

Pain, breathe, pain, deep, pain, leap

Donít leap

Donít go where you canít come back from

Breathe deep

You can breathe without him after all.



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