No Hope

(from In Search of Luke Skywalker)


Scene 1 Ė Jersey City, Day


Est: Shot of Street corner bus stop, people passing, cars passing

Master: Sam approaches corner towards a granite bench in front of a real estate store

Match cut: Sam pauses in front of bench

POV shot:† close up of Samís face looking down

††††††††††† Shot of bench which is a tribute to Peter, who has died, followed by the saying, ďMay the force be with youĒ

††††††††††† Shot of Samís face, nodding slowly.

Long shot of Sam sitting down on the bench

Shot of his horrified face and flashes of space ships.

Medium shot of him leaping up.

Shot of his face looking startled, then looking around

Shot of people moving passed apparently noticing nothing.

Medium shot of Sam reaching for the back of the bench

His hand on bench back


A flash and he is suddenly transported into the hallway of a space ship


Scene 2-† ship corridor


Etab: Long corridor with Storm troopers at the far end and ship guards along the walls firing at the storm troopers. Sam is in the fore ground to the left side as shots are coming at him.

Medium shot of him and the firing

Reaction shot: of† Samís face.

Master shot of fight and one of the ship guards (Peter) looking over at him, then coming towards him, firing over his shoulder at the storm troopers as a hail of shots comes down the hall.

Match cut of the two of them, and Peter grabbing Samís arm and pulling him down the side hallway.



††††††††††† We have to get you out of here before you screw everything up.


Shot of them fleeing down the other corridor


Shot of the fight and the falling of ship guards as DARTH VADER steps through the hatch into the corridor.

Close up of Vaderís helmet.



††††††††††† There is a disturbance in the force.




Etab: Peter and Sam seated in the escape Pod. Peter is staring out the door into the hall.

Shot of Peterís face, and then the hall, sound of marching steps

Shot of Sam



††††††††††† What the hell is going on here?


PETER (Solo shot of him looking out)

††††††††††† Shut up Iím thinking Ė You donít belong here.



††††††††††† I donít even know where here is?

††††††††††† One minute, Iím waiting for a bus for New York, the next minute IímÖ


PETER: (Closing the door)

††††††††††† Hold on to something. Weíre heading down to the surface††††††††




Long shot of main ship passing over head as it heads towards planet.

Match cut of ship with smaller ship under it, and something shooting out from it.

A shot of an escape pod rushing towards the planet

Shot of main bridge and officer there.



††††††††††† There goes another one



††††††††††† The sensors show this one has life forms. Weíd better alert Lord Vader.


Shot of pod hitting the atmosphere



Scene 5:† Desert surface, day

Etab: long shot of crashed pod with Sam and Peter walking away from it across the sand.

Match cut of the two of them



††††††††††† Youíre not supposed to be here.



††††††††††† Do you mind telling me exactly where I am?



††††††††††† Tatooine



††††††††††† As in Star Wars?



††††††††††† Precisely.



††††††††††† Youíre crazy

††††††††††† (looks around)

††††††††††† And maybe so am I.



††††††††††† I donít know how you got here, mister.

††††††††††† But the sooner we get you out of here the better.



††††††††††† And how the hell do we do that since I donít know how I even got here?



††††††††††† We should try and get to Obi Wan before he hooks up with Luke. Benís place isnít too far from here.



Scene 6:† Ben Kenobiís mountain top home (towards sunset)


ETAB: Long shot of the mountain top retreat.

Match cut of them going inside

Shot of them inside roaming through the place



††††††††††† Ben? Where are you, Ben?

††††††††††† This is strange. He should be here.



††††††††††† Maybe he had to go to the 7-11 for something.



††††††††††† No, thereís something wrong. I can feel it.



††††††††††† You mean like a disturbance in the force?



††††††††††† Yes, if you must know.

††††††††††† We have to get to the town.



††††††††††† How?

††††††††††† It wasnít even easy getting here.



††††††††††† I have an idea, come on.



Scene 6: Canyon Ė heavy sunset


Etab: Long shot of canyon with two of them climbing down

Match cut:† Peter holds up his hand to halt Sam Ė heavy mechanical sound echoes from down the valley.

Shot of the valley with the sand peopleís vehicle appears

Two shot of Sam and Peter



††††††††††† Thereís our ride.



††††††††††† I would prefer the bus.

††††††††††† It wouldnít be going to Manhattan by any chance.


PETER (hurrying down the canyon)

††††††††††† Not likely, but itíll get us to --- town.

††††††††††† Follow me



Scene 7: †EXTERIOR of sand peopleís vehicle Ė evening

Etab: Long shot of Peter and Sam sneaking up behind the vehicle

Match cut: of peter and Sam looking up at the door, Peter gives Sam a boost, and when Sam is up near the door, he reaches down to pull Peter up, both slip inside.



Scene 8: Interior of the Sand Peopleís vehicle

Estab: shot of Sam and Peter at the door and then a pan shot of the interior filled with pieces of electronic junk, rusted old robots and stuff.

Match cut of Sam and Peter



††††††††††† Thatís a relief



††††††††††† What is?



††††††††††† I was afraid we would find CPO and R2D2 in here.



††††††††††† You really are out of your freakiní mind, you know that, donít you?



††††††††††† No, Iím not, Iím dead.



††††††††††† What?



††††††††††† I died and went to heaven.

††††††††††† At least, thatís what I think happened.



††††††††††† Youíre idea of heaven is Star Wars?



††††††††††† You bet. The movie changed my life. I always wanted to live in that universe. Now I do.

††††††††††† I live the movies from beginning to end as one character, and then I start all over as another Ė sometimes as one of the major characters, most of the time, someone minor.



††††††††††† How many times have you been through this?



††††††††††† More times than I can remember



††††††††††† And you never get sick of it?



††††††††††† Never. I can spend an eternity here, and I hope I do.



††††††††††† What about me?

††††††††††† If youíre dead, does that mean Iím dead, too?



††††††††††† Youíd better hope not, otherwise, youíll never get back.

††††††††††† But get some sleep. We wonít get to town until morning.



Scene 9 -----, morning


ESTAB: Long shot of the town with the sand people vehicle riding through it.

MATCH cut: Sam and Peter looking out the door as the vehicle passes the buildings



††††††††††† Never a bigger den of vice will you find than this place

(grabs the door frame and moves to go out)

††††††††††† This is our stop.


Long shot of exterior as Peter and Sam jump to the ground and the vehicle continues on without them.)


Match cut: of the two of them standing, then a shot of Samís shocked face



††††††††††† I canít believe Iím seeing any of this.



(pushing Sam against a wall)

††††††††††† Stay here. I have to go talk to the market man.


(Sam nods, and staresófollowed by a series of shots of life moving around him. A moment later, Peter returned)

††††††††††† Well, thatís something anyway.

††††††††††† Luke and his uncle already bought the droids. So that part of the story is still intact.

††††††††††† But we need to make sure.

††††††††††† Come on

(Peter starts towards one of the buildings)



††††††††††† Where are you going?



††††††††††† To get a drink.


SAM: (grinning)

††††††††††† Now youíre talking!!!



SCENE 10 Ė The Cantina Ė day but dark inside


Est: Exterior shot of Peter and Sam entering, followed by an interior shot of them coming in through the door. A pan shot of the interior and its occupants. Peter leads Sam to the bar

Match cut: Peter and Sam at the bar, with Sam looking stunned.



††††††††††† Stay here while I look around Ė and for godís sake donít talk to any of them.


SAM (close up of his startled face)

††††††††††† You mean these Ė creatures can talk.


PETER Ė Yes, and theyíll kill you just as look at you.


SAM Ė Then maybe we should leave.


PETER Ė Not yet. I need to find out if Hans Solo has been here yet.


(PETER goes off into the crowd. The bartender slides a drink in front of Sam. But Alien #2 grabs it and glares at him, Alien #2 grabs Samís arm)


ALIEN #1 Ė My friend here doesnít like you, and neither do I. So youíd better watch yourself.


(Peter returns agitated and pulls Sam back through the place and out into the plaza)



Scene 11: Plaza Day

Etb: A busy plaza filled with moving aliens and machines. Peter and Sam are standing near the Cantina door

Match cut of Peter and Sam



††††††††††† Something is definitely wrong.

††††††††††† Nobodyís seen him and he should be here.



††††††††††† Maybe itís too early in the story for him to show up.



††††††††††† Possibly. But I have a bad feeling about all this.



††††††††††† Which means what?



††††††††††† Which means we have to find Luke before the storm troopers do.

††††††††††† Come on. Iíll borrow a flyer.



Scene 12† the desert plains day


(Sam and Peter in the flyer are rushing across the landscape at high speed and eventually arrive at the ruins of Lukeís house.

Etab:† Sam and Peter climbing out of the flyer while the building smolders

Match cut: Sam and Peter staring off frame

Pan shot of smoldering ruins and finally the dead bodies.

Shot of Peter nodding.



††††††††††† This looks normal enough



††††††††††† Normal? These people are dead



††††††††††† Theyíre supposed to die.

††††††††††† Iím just hoping Luke wasnít with them when it happened.



††††††††††† What now?



††††††††††† Now we really do have to find, Ben



††††††††††† Where?



††††††††††† The only place I can think of is back in town.

††††††††††† Come on



††††††††††† This is getting down right monotonous.




SCENE 13 Ė Town, day light


Etab: Peter and Sam are moving through the town which is as busy as earlier, but now has storm troopers everywhere looking.

Match cut of Peter and Sam in the flyer, with Peter looking off frame

Shot of R2D2 and CPO standing in the plaza.

Shot of Peter stopping the flyer

Shot of Sam



††††††††††† Whatís going on


(Two shot of Peter and Sam in the flyer)


PETER (indicating off frame)

††††††††††† Those two are our droids, I think


Shot of the flyer from behind the two droids

††††††††††† R2? Cpo?



††††††††††† Thank the stars

††††††††††† Itís Master Luke and Master Ben


(Shot from behind Sam and Peter in the flyer of the two droids approaching)


††††††††††† Where have you been?


(A reverse shot from behind the two droids of Sam and Peter in the flyer with two storm troopers approaching)

Shot of troopers



††††††††††† Are these droids yours?


Shot of Peter



††††††††††† These are not the droids you want


TROOPER #1 (to the second trooper)

††††††††††† These are not the droids we want

††††††††††† (then to Peter and Sam in the flyer)

††††††††††† Move along


(Peter starts the flyer moving slowly aheadóscene fades)



Scene 14 -- In another section of the plaza -day


Est: Peter, Sam, R2 and CPO are under an arch looking out at activity around in the plaza.

Shot of Peter



††††††††††† I donít believe this. I seem to have become Obi Wan



††††††††††† Then maybe you can get me out of here.



††††††††††† I donít think I can



††††††††††† Why not?



††††††††††† It appears that youíve become Luke



††††††††††† Thatís nuts.

††††††††††† Iím broaching sixty. Iím too old to play Luke.



††††††††††† Not in this reality.



††††††††††† Youíre full of it.



††††††††††† Am I?

(Peter turns to R2)

††††††††††† Who is this? (indicates Sam)



††††††††††† Why, thatís master Luke, of course.


PETER: (to Sam)

††††††††††† See!



††††††††††† Heís nuts, too, or I am



††††††††††† This can only mean one thing



††††††††††† Iím not sure I want to hear it



††††††††††† It means weíre going to have to play our parts to make sure the story ends the way itís supposed to.



††††††††††† I asked you not to tell me

(Peter is headed towards the cantina door)

††††††††††† Hey, where are you going?


PETER: (halts at the door)

††††††††††† To arrange for our transportation.

††††††††††† You forget we have a droid to deliver to the rebel base. That means we have to find Hans Solo

(Peter vanishes through the door)



How on earth can I forget a thing like that


(Fade to end.)







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